Advantages of booking on our website:

1) We give you a tour of our unique lagoon. This place with many channels is located 100 meters from

our hotel. Its uniqueness of this lagoon is during sunset millions of birds appear here from the

surrounding area to spend the night in the mangrove. This great sight will leave an unforgetable

impression about the nature of Sri Lanka. You also can see monkeys, peacocks, monitor lizards.


2) We will also give you a 10% discount if you pay cash. We accept Sri Lankan rupees, dollars and euros.

Booking conditons on the website:

You pay the cost of one night in advance. It is necessary to confrm your reservaton.

Afer confrmaton of your booking, we will send you an invoice for prepayment, which should been paid

within 2 working days. If you have any questons, please contact Viber or WhatsApp at +94(76)368 56 29

With best regards,

Manager of Mandala villas Tatana